"Care" according to the Botaniqi definition is the responsibility for the health and joy of our four-legged friends. Botaniqa products contain a mixture of plant extracts, included in unique, innovative formulas, created to nurture the natural vitality and splendor of the garment.


 Formulas closed in five categories with a specific purpose:

Love Me Long - products created for the care of dogs with long robes requiring a specific delicate and at the same time very effective care and protection.

For Ever Bath - a category of products created to strengthen, moisturize and allow the use of any dog, regardless of the structure of the coat.

White Me Up - beautiful, shiny coat without discoloration is primarily a result of systematic, proper care. In this category there are products designed to saturate the color and give a beautiful gloss and glaze to the garment.

Puppy My Sweet - there is nothing more beautiful than a cheerful puppy at home. Puppy My Sweet category created for the care of very delicate skin and puppies' robes. The patented protective complexes used ensure perfect care for very delicate skin and coat, which is why products from this series are also dedicated to dogs with sensitive skin prone to allergies.

Tangle Free - a robe without tangles and piles? Thanks to the products of the series Tagle Free, tame unruly strands, getting rid of tangles and puffs will be much easier.

When developing the formulas, we wanted the products to be natural, made of carefully selected ingredients and efficient. Working on the Botaniqa line we managed to create products that retain their full properties at a 1: 5 dilution. The products are easy to apply and spread, and then even easier to rinse. Therefore, their use provides not only great care effects but also extraordinary pleasure in use.


Show line - an innovative care system that gives the possibility to match the right product to the current needs of our Pupil's coat. Thanks to the innovative formulas, we can freely choose and combine products, thus creating a personalized care system for our four-legged friend. It gives us the opportunity to prepare the garment between exhibitions and the exhibition. By selecting the right products and adjusting their dilution, we are able to achieve spectacular results.

All products contain more than 98% ingredients of natural origin, thanks to which the products are extremely delicate. The complex contained in Botaniqa products was developed to nourish and regenerate the coat while maintaining its natural structure.